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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Black Harriers breed on Avontuur

This summer a nesting pair of Black Harriers bred out four youngsters on Avontuur. They chose a remote site, and would probably not have been observed if not for the satellite tracking device fitted to the female a year before in the West Coast National Park. PhD student Marie-Sophie Garcia-Heras tracked them down, and was able to monitor the growth of the nestlings. In this picture the male Black Harrier is released after being measured.

GEF Small Grants Project makes good progress

In 2013 we implemented the first phase of a soil and water conservation project that includes significant activities on Avontuur. The project was launched at a well-attended workshop at Avontuur on 11 May 2013. In the course of the winter the team of Andre van Wyk, Areefa Tietis, Cynthia Coetzee, Andries Opperman and Moeti Phala constructed a series of check-dams and micro-catchments on the more degraded part of Avontuur, with very impressive results (see our photo gallery).

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