Avontuur Sustainable Agriculture

Adopt a Sheep

Conserve Biodiversity * Climate Friendly * Socially Just

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Adopt a sheep

How does it work?

Avontuur Nature Reserve needs some sheep to ensure we manage the biodiversity well, maintaining a sustainable and special place on the Bokkeveld Plateau in South Africa.

We also need local guardians to monitor biodiversity and maintain the fragile balance of the ecosystem in a changing climate. And of course we need social justice to make it work. You can be part of this!

We have done it!

How did this work?

You register your interest and make a payment of ZAR 1600/ EUR 100 per sheep you want to adopt. We are planning to adopt 50 sheep only, so we will not accept foster parents once this number is reached.

What does it mean to be a parent?

Being a foster parent for one or several sheep is a once-off cost only. All parents receive a free Avontuur Field Guide and free access to the Avontuur Reserve for a year.

You can also join efforts around sheep shearing and monitoring (strictly voluntary) throughout the year – let us know when you are in the area and the guardians will introduce you to the flock!

If you are a premium parent you earn lifelong free access to the Avontuur reserve, with the option of one free overnight in the Fynbos Cottage (sleeps 2 persons).

Make a special gift

If you would like to make a special gift, you will also receive a certificate for the adopted sheep!